The Mister is one year old today.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was in New York, enjoying the buzz and pace of the city that never sleeps, doing press interviews and signings out in Huntington and Paramus, and beginning my book tour. That tour took me to New Haven CT, Miami FL, New York NY, Lexington KY, Naperville IL, Los Angeles CA, Atlanta GA, Tempe AZ, Chelsea in the UK and Toronto in Canada. Those were fabulous, heady days, and I got to share the company of my dear friend and publicist Russell Perreault and my wonderful publisher and editor Anne Messitte. And the biggest highlight of all for me, was that I got to meet so many of you!

And now a year later, I only leave my house in West London to walk the dogs, and we have lost dear Russell. What a difference a year makes! If like me, you are afraid of the terrible virus wreaking havoc across the globe, your world will have become a lot smaller. You might be an essential worker – a nurse, doctor, carer, shelf-stacker, cashier, cleaner, teacher, refuse collector, or farmer, etc – going out into the world every day to keep us all safe and keep us fed. I think this year has taught us all just who makes the world work and who is essential. Let’s hope that after all this is over, such vital people will be properly rewarded for the jobs they do.

While we’ve been in lockdown, I’ve been writing Freed. So many of you have asked – I don’t know when I’ll be finished or when the publication date will be! But I am scribbling away, hoping that you will love the latest iteration of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

And for those of you asking about The Mister 2 – I’ll be looking at that once Freed is finished, and with luck, when we’ve finished filming The Mister. Universal have optioned the book, and I hope we will make an amazing film for all of us to enjoy when this awfulness is over.

Until then, thank you for reading, please stay safe, and join me in wishing Maxim and Alessia a Happy Birthday!

Much love
EL x